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Floor lamps: modern, practical and affordable Check out our floor lamps. We have them in many sizes, materials and styles: Contemporary floor lamps and contemporary, classical, etc.. In Sweden the winters are long and dark. Maybe that's why we love design lamps and lighting solutions for homes. You'll find a wide range from simple lamps, which offer a beautiful background general lighting until reading floor lamps with LED lighting and stand with adjustable arms so you can direct the light beam towards the sofa , for example . Many leading integrated dimmer you choose the environment you want to create. And all with the best value.

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You need a rug

A large rug.
If you can't afford something big and colorful that you like, then buy a cheap black one.
Black looks classy even when it's inexpensive.
You need bigger art on your walls.
Put up some long black shelves or large black frames. you can find good deals on art on craigslist arts/crafts for sale.
also try a couple of floor lamps

2013-02-27 09:11:24 by -

My thoughts:

Make the alcove a reading nook. Nice comfortable chair, a floor lamp behind the chair, and maybe a tiny table, just enough to hold a book and cup of coffee. Get rid of that large round table.
Open the window area by putting the long table behind the sofa. You would need the lamps behind anyway, in case you read on the sofa.
Keep the large, light, wall unit and get rid of the ugly black one. Put a nice tall plant there.
I would get rid of the bench in the foyer, it's out of place and the table isn't too attractive. Get an entry table that includes a place to sit and put on boots, or that the seating slides under it or hides in some way

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