Brass Floor LAMP Makeover

Lamp shabby chic

Ok ... the term shabby chic has been abused ...

sometimes it fits perfectly to the etymology of English ... but sometimes you should use rather shabby chic style.

This time I think that my old floor could fall in the first case.

It was one of those floor lamps 50s with golden brass hat in ivory silk (but which over the years had become dirty mustard color) and gold trimmings.

Line pleasant but definitely démodé without being old.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can not stand the gilding and then it was unthinkable to keep her so ... among other things by now the brass was blackened and dirt.

After having painted with enamel colored sugar Max Mayer (very opaque and opaque ... clings well to metal without priming) I am dedicated to the redesign of the lampshade.

First I had to unplug the old housing and has not been for a walk and saw that it was glued with a very strong glue.

Then I covered the skeleton colored linen milk.

I might as well leave it (almost minimalist) ... but for "staccar" and a little 'from all-white and give it a more raw I sewed the two edges of ruffles in jute.

I have to say I'm satisfied ... and then it's my first lamp.

Lately are less present, a little 'out of necessity (I have all the pictures of the wedding to arrange, plus other services ... the last details for the promotion of the book, plus the nursery is open only in the morning and Aunt Mari care should be taken grandson Edward) and a bit 'for a certain impatience with some of the dynamics of the blogosphere that I have greatly disappointed.

But, fortunately, there are also readers and special friends and wish them a happy weekend.


Dale Tiffany Dale Tiffany GC12289 Optic Orb Antique Brass Table and Floor Lamp Set, Antique Brass
Home Improvement (Dale Tiffany)
  • Features 3 graduated crystal orbs
  • Has a metal graduated pedestal base finished in lemony antique brass
  • Orb-like effect when displayed in any room
  • Lamp features a metal and glass base with an antique brass finish
  • Uses 2 100-watt bulbs
2008-05-01 19:48:04 by bullnutz

Beach genies.

A man was walking on the beach and tripped over something in the sand. He picked up the item and found it was an old oil lamp. He brushed it off and not one but two genies materialized. They spoke to him telepathically and told him to go home and his wishes will be granted if he threw the lamp back into the ocean. So he did just that and when he walked into his living room it was lined floor to ceiling with all the riches he could ever spend. When he walked into his bedroom there was a blond, redhead and brunette all sexy as could ever be all naked and all coxing him to bed them all together, as he was taking off his clothes and walking to the bed, two masked men jumped out of the closet

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