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With a newly decorated window in the Mönckebergstraße the LED lighting manufacturer ANTA presenting their innovations, which were presented at this year's show in Milan EUROLUCE.

The EUROLUCE is one of the leading trade shows around the light and is held every two years under the renowned furniture fair "Salone Internazionale del Mobile". Big topic at the fair novelties was also in this year the use of LED. The designers take the possibilities of the LED to create new and more and more lights that have very little in common with traditional lights.

Also, the light manufacturer ANTA uses the new LED technology and developed with renowned designers a collection that corresponds to their motto: First-class design launched the most economical form, comforting light, finest material, best workmanship.

The ANTA Torchiere FARO by Jörg Zeidler, with its delicate shape best example of the new design possibilities with LED and gleichtzeitig for increased efficiency. The lamp has an output of 92 watts (6700 lumens). This corresponds to the light intensity of a 500 watt light bulb. The light has a pleasant warm white (3000 Kelvin) and the brightness should be adjusted using a dimmer. Available FARO is painted in the colors black and white.

Also by Jörg Zeidler comes the design of the pendant lamp JOSE ANTA. The elegant porcelain shade is glazed inside and the metal parts are anodized black. The luminaire can be mounted either as a single pendant or use in a ceiling track with 2-5 commuting. Each pendulum has an output of 7 watts (390 lumens).

The ANTA MESTOLA Table Lamp by Andreas Ostwald has a swivel head standing for election in both polished aluminum as well as in white paint. The metal parts are chrome polished, the metal base painted light gray or gray. The lamp is dimmable and has a powerful 12 watt LED (930 lumens).

In Carsten Goll Nicks new ANTA pendant SARTO mix different types of objects. With high quality leather Gollnick has introduced a material to lighting design, which we know of accessories from the high-end sector. You can choose between havannbraun or taupe. The lamp has a standard screw base, which can be equipped with a 15 watt LED.

Also presented in the shop window ANTA floor lamp with leaves NOBU provide an LED bulb with an E27 socket. The simple, elegant floor lamp by Carsten Gollnick is tilted and therefore be used as a reading light. Reflector and base are high gloss pearl white finish, working the brass parts lightly browned.

2008-05-01 19:48:04 by bullnutz

Beach genies.

A man was walking on the beach and tripped over something in the sand. He picked up the item and found it was an old oil lamp. He brushed it off and not one but two genies materialized. They spoke to him telepathically and told him to go home and his wishes will be granted if he threw the lamp back into the ocean. So he did just that and when he walked into his living room it was lined floor to ceiling with all the riches he could ever spend. When he walked into his bedroom there was a blond, redhead and brunette all sexy as could ever be all naked and all coxing him to bed them all together, as he was taking off his clothes and walking to the bed, two masked men jumped out of the closet

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