Brass Floor Standing Lamps

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Antiques are sought for their mature beauty and elegance they bring to a room. The ancient pattern that exists in the world of interior design has even influenced floor lamps. Manufacturers create designs to mimic the styles sometimes adorned with flowers or old appliances to provide furniture to meet different types of decorating the ancient house. Many of these so-called antique lamps have a gilded and decorated shade cloth or window base. Sometimes the word "antique" is simply used to describe a color in the finish. Antique brass is a popular finish in floor lamps. In truth, they are simply reproduction lamps. The real antique lamps are much more difficult to find and are significantly more expensive, depending on their history and design. In fact, some French antique lamps sell at auction for thousands of dollars.

An ancient technique popular restaurant lamp is to replace the electrical workings with contemporary pieces to make them safer and more functional lamps. Converting a vintage floor lamp in a halogen or fluorescent floor lamp tablet combines the benefits of modern lighting in the beauty of antique design technology.

Antique lamps are rarely chosen for their light - they are really more aesthetic than functional. A vintage lamp pleases the eye and accentuates most of the furniture around it. Brass trim in the base of a lamp can draw attention to the brass handles of a chest nearby. The carved wood of a maple floor lamp adds to the warm tones of a room and blends in with the rest of the furniture in dark wood.

A piece of furniture can be used effectively in the design, and streetlights are no different. Selecting an antique lamp or reproduction has the potential to bring style into a room. Choose these lamps if you have lots of brass details and a recurring theme of dark wood and warm tones in the tissues of your furniture ....

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Beach genies.

A man was walking on the beach and tripped over something in the sand. He picked up the item and found it was an old oil lamp. He brushed it off and not one but two genies materialized. They spoke to him telepathically and told him to go home and his wishes will be granted if he threw the lamp back into the ocean. So he did just that and when he walked into his living room it was lined floor to ceiling with all the riches he could ever spend. When he walked into his bedroom there was a blond, redhead and brunette all sexy as could ever be all naked and all coxing him to bed them all together, as he was taking off his clothes and walking to the bed, two masked men jumped out of the closet

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ORE Beautiful 5 Arc Satin Nickel Finish Floor Lamp Nice Valentine's Day Gift
Lighting (ORE)
  • Type Floor
  • Length 50 in.
  • Height 84 in.
  • Width 45 in.
  • Shipping Method FedEx or UPS
Triarch International Triarch 88015 Torchiere Floor Lamp, Antique Brass
Home Improvement (Triarch International)
  • Height: 70.75 - Diameter: 14.75
  • (1)150w A21 3-Way Med F Incand Light Bulb
  • 120 volts
  • Interior Dry Installation
  • UL Listed
Kenroy Home Kenroy Home Portland Sound Floor Fountain
Lawn & Patio (Kenroy Home)
  • Height 30 Width 27 Extension 27
  • Polished River Stones Included
  • 2-5 Watt 12V (JC) Halogen Bulbs
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Painted Copper Finish

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