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Gems & Fine Jewelry

Although this case is the way business is located in Taipei, Taiwan's top high-end jewelry store based storefront for the pyramid's top VIP mature lady passenger layer, so the overall space design concept, the designers escape the general store to show as the main lay out the purpose of space, but rather deliberately reduced commercial color, to create a home-like salon space, hoping consumers into space, in appreciation of these top jewelry before, can take a break to brew a pot of tea, such as back home-like, comfortable and at ease.Since the original base is located in the entrance of the building on both sides, with no connectivity, so nearly symmetrical concept designers use to be two planar configuration.In the space under the floor of a small number restrictions, will focus on the design inked on display on the stress and texture.Space on both sides of the first segment a few small blocks, the use of many furniture configuration and fabric to bring out the tone of the whole space.As a French antique furniture and printing silk, with floor lamp and coffee table, floral paintings and other female flavor and texture shape the classical literary atmosphere, while the old wood specially treated stainless steel work table with a mirror, but also presents another casual dining feeling.Another group of dwarf has a loung sofa taste, so that the main demographic of consumers in mature women can freely choose their favorite places to relax and comfortable location area.Since the selling price of the products is high, and therefore, special attention is also on display one of the key designers deliberately reduced the number of showcase and strengthen each showcase texture and designs to leather with chestnut trees.In order to match the temperament of jewelry, the material mix is another learning, such as brass and leather rich texture, but do not grabbed jewelry style.For the appreciation of jewelry with the special lighting needs, such as appreciation of diamonds must be close to the sun's light daylight color, colored gemstones need warm light and low light.Designers and owners to work together to do a lot of study, presented in the right way merchandise luster and color.All these stores needs of professional design is integrated in the seemingly simple spatial arrangement, the occult, such as talking on the inside area at the top of the chandelier or situational control systems.In the past the European cultural history, Sharon has been refined elegance of women's culture and lifestyle construct an open space, designer Celia clever use of salon-like open space to construct one to talk mainly social field, so that fine jewelry trade and females profound and inherent culture interacts, delicate and sophisticated design thinking demonstrated a keen understanding of the designer.Interview "Zhou Xun LiDesigners' Celia Chu Zhu YifenParticipants "Cheng Kuang Yu Ueda Miyuki Miyuki Ueda, Yu ChenLighting Design "ten law Lighting Design ‧ Laiyu NongPhotographer "Liu ZhongNature of Space "commercial spaceLocations of "TaipeiMain Materials "special wood, marble wood, leather, brass antiqueArea "28 pings * 2

Gems & Fine Jewelry

The project is a jewelry store targeting clients of the rich and famous; it is located in Taipei's premier street where mansions and luxury apartments abound. Celia's design appears as a very expensive commercial space yet is not like a typical commercial store; it looks more like a guest salon, or a living room welcoming everybody to come in. Clients enter the store more like walking into their own living room where they can enjoy a moment of relaxation before shopping.

2007-08-17 16:40:38 by DeadArtistsSoc

I'm still discovering things that were "lost"

During our last move.
Did you have "professional" movers do any of the trucking for you?
I "lost" a 7.5' high, hand crafted custom walnut and oak bookcase with raised floating end panels and tongue n' groove shelving. I tried to get an estimate to have remade. I was quoted $7k.
I also "lost" a restored deco solid brass floor lamp (all I have left is the handmade silk shade), two 30 year old solid brass Stiffle candlestick table lamps, two classical realist paintings (one turned up on Ebaylast year - the seller got it at an estate auction in the area I had moved from)

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