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A dream home, single, suspended in time and space: those in the pictures are the interior of an ancient castle, restored by the owners and partially converted into a hotel, which retains a truly magical atmosphere. And with a "design" fairytale.

"Once upon a time ...": that's how I would naturally begin this story, because the inspiration is the same fairy tale, if you're in a place like this. Suspended in time, suspended in space, perpetually on the edge of something, always been a crossroads of steps required. Proceno: here, 600 souls, in the heart of the hinterland Italian, in that small strip of land that lies between Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, there is a house where the clocks have stopped ticking and where to stop and enjoy the silence unobtainable in any other place is inevitable.

This house, which in past centuries was castle with traces of a past still alive, that blends with the present almost as a real time machine.

Set foot in these rooms back in a size that I thought forgotten, the sound of silence up here is really deafening and the crackling of the fire in the chimney, fill the whole atmosphere.

The Proceno Castle is a medieval fortress of the XII century, which includes three towers, battlements, a drawbridge, a fort and about 2 acres of parkland.

The family Cecchini Bisoni, which owns almost 300 years the magnificent castle, has spent the last 15 years to renovate the complex, while keeping intact the spirit of historical and cultural Here you can breathe deeply.

And after the death of some family members, to fill the rooms remained empty, the owners have decided to transform part of the castle into a resort, unique in a very special sense, because alternative for tourists in search of unusual experiences, outside the circuits of mass, but still close to the most important historical cities of Italy.

But most of the building still remains the home of the family, a house in front of which you can not help but admire his mouth open, just like in a museum.

In the so-called music room, for example, one can not remain enraptured by a "fortepiano" original (one of the ancient ancestors of the piano), an ancient mandolin, harp, vintage, arranged between sofas and chairs, plants and carpets , as in a real living room at the end of '700, a place of culture, exchange, fascinating encounters. Where I would like to assume the role of the time and put me to sing some air chamber.

In addition to furniture, items and decorations that belonged to ancestors and coming from a past that does nothing but add luster to the environments, there are numerous ideas and valuable of the lovely hostess, demonstrating inventiveness absolutely in line with the atmosphere of this place.

Thus, an old guitar, a mandolin and a vintage rifle became the basis for beautiful lampshades, and a transparent floor opens a door to another world in the basement of an old winery, which now houses the wine bar of the resort ( where you can taste traditional dishes and truly exceptional).

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What kind of fabric do I make a lampshade

I have an old lamp and the silk lampshade has fallen apart. I'm going to remove the torn fabric and recover the wire frame with new fabric.
I don't know anything about fabric. Are there any types better or worse for lampshades?
The lamp is an antique floor lamp. I have a good eye for what look I want. I need input into the actual material.

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