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  • The different lighting techniques and lighting effects together, can make the same room produce different atmosphere. Even an ordinary lamp, a common type of shadow will have implications for the type of lighting and atmosphere of the room have a profound impact. To complete a successful interior lighting design, we need time and careful advance planning. Although determining a ceiling fixture and a pair of floor lamp wiring than deal with special requirements or windows are simply furnished, but spend the extra time and effort is necessary, and this is important but often neglected step or even forget. During lighting design, you should first consider the function of the room and the user's requirements.

    Living room:

    If the room is higher, it is appropriate to five forks trigeminal incandescent chandelier or a large round chandelier, it will give the living room looked magnificent. But not all down with light chandelier, but should also have some of the upper space of the brightness in order to narrow down spatial luminance difference.

    為主,功能性為輔作設計。 If the habit of activists in the living room, living space, floor lamp, table lamp on to decorate the main functional supplement for the design. Floor lamp, table lamps, each with space for auxiliary light source, in order to facilitate coordination and spatial matching, shape too exotic lamps inappropriate.

    上再配上裝飾性工藝檯燈,或附近牆上安置較低壁燈,這樣,不僅看書時有局部照明,而且在會客交談時還增添了親切和諧的氣氛。 If the room is low, the available ceiling plus floor lamp, so that the living room will look neat and elegant, with a contemporary, floor lamps with the sofa next to the sofa side coffee table matched on decorative craft table lamp, wall lamp or near the lower wall placement , so that not only have local lighting when reading, but also in the parlor had a cordial conversation Shihai adds a harmonious atmosphere.


    Long displayed on the roof of the incandescent lamp, the lamp pocket on the bottom layer of white light transparent mantle fabric to make strong light becomes soft, to make the room look full of flavor. You can also put on a bed of blue light, so that people look to get into the room and see the light bulb, make your bed look like floating in the water, like, this design will make every been to your room feel your ingenuity.


    Study should focus on the game, amateur pastime and desktop work places such as direct lighting designs. If the room has a computer, you should choose a chandelier and the like, such as adjustable lamps with lampshades.


    Kitchen lighting set the layout, not only with people's vision health, activities directly related to safety and efficiency, but also affect the spiritual atmosphere and mood. Therefore, the choice of kitchen fixtures must meet the psychological needs, to have enough illumination to allow the operator to have comfort, while the contrast of light to moderate. Users should be based on the specific area and the space environment conceptual design.


    Bathroom light selection can not be ignored, selected bathroom fixtures, so you wander in love. Suitable bathroom lights, allowing you to inspiring, find fun in the bath.

    間是除外另一個極具私密性的空間。 At home, bath room is great except for another privacy of space. Therefore bathroom space shaping is very important, both to achieve functional applicable space must do the rational use of color and lighting. In the light kind of choice, usually a whole should choose incandescent, mirror must be set beside a separate lighting. Some families in the mirror set up around a circle of small spotlights, although beautiful, but somewhat less waterproof spotlights, only suitable for dry separation of bathroom space.

  • Kings Brand Furniture Set of 2 Kings Brand Brush Nickel Metal & Fabric Shade Table Lamps
    Home Improvement (Kings Brand Furniture)
    • Set of 2 Brush Nickel Metal & Fabric Shade Table Lamps
    • Contemporary table lamp in a brushed nickle finish, with a white shade and a matching nickle trim.
    • 3 way switch. Uses up to 100 watt bulb.
    • Dimensions: Lamp: 30 H, Shade: 11 H.
    2004-04-26 11:08:47 by allargon

    Modern ceiling fans and lights?

    Here's a question for you metrosexuals and funky home design types.
    Where can I find modern ceiling fan fixtures with lights? I can buy trendy floor lamps as well as neato chandeliers from places like Design within Reach, West Elm and Ligne-Roset. (No, I'm not poor.)
    However, I live in an area where ceiling fans are a must. I'm tired of the grandmother Hunter style ceiling fans that haven't been redesigned since 1936.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Lite Source LS-8048C/FRO 12 Light Marble Floor Lamp
    Home Improvement (Lite Source)
    • 63 H x 13.5 W
    • Lighting
    • Lighting- Floor Lamps- Modern Style
    • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
    Kichler Lighting Kichler Lighting 74259BMB Ryder 1-Light Swing-Arm Floor Lamp with Brushed Modern Brass Finish and Rolled Edge Hard Back Shade
    Home Improvement (Kichler Lighting)
    • 17.5IN wide x 57.5IN tall
    • Requires one (1) 100W medium base incandescent bulb
    • Brushed Modern Brass with Rolled Edge hard back fabric shade
    • UL, CSA and CULP listed
    • Part of the Ryder family of lamps
    Kichler Lighting Kichler Lighting 74165CA Outdoor 1-Light CFL Floor Lamp with Oyster Textured Sunbrella Fabric Removable Shade, Wood Bark
    Home Improvement (Kichler Lighting)
    • 15IN diameter x 59.5IN tall
    • Includes one (1) 23W E26 medium base CFL bulb
    • Wood bark finish with oyster textured sunbrella fabric shade
    • UL, CSA, CUPW listed and CA Title 20 compliant
    • Part of the Outdoor Portables family of fixtures

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