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The SolRx 500 Series Hand,Foot & Spot Treatment Device for psoriasis and vitiligo home phototherapy.

Never before UVB phototherapy only been able to both. The SolRx Series 500 can be used both for treatment of hands & feet to areas of almost any part of the body.
This powerful machine has proven to be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hospital phototherapy.
Following is a summary of features.Full 360 degree rotation. Click on any of the photos to see more.
Or click on the "NEXT" to go to Order Info .

The Series 500 handles both treatments Hands / Feet as Areas of the body. The fork provides 360 ° of rotation.

Modern Compact Fluorescent Lamp UVB Narrowband 36-watt minimizes treatment times.

The efficient design minimizes the size of the team and maximizes power Narrowband UVB light.

The sturdy handle,the light weight and compact size makes the Series 500 very portable.

The User's Manual
Includes tables exhibitions guide current treatment times. Critically important to use the equipment safely and effectively.Exposure Guideline Table excerpt.

Medically tested
Phototherapy Study at Home,Ottawa,has proven the effectiveness of this equipment. "All patients with home therapy were satisfied with their treatment."

Top Warranty
Four years on the team,one years in the lamps,but our exclusive Arrival Warranty. A team of quality made ​​in Canada.

Free Shipping
To most places in Canada. The teams are always in existence,so that you can get yours quickly.

Questions? Click here to send a message for us to call you. We will call you as soon as possible - typically within one hour on weekdays,from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm ET.
Solarc Systems Inc.,1515 Snow Valley Road,Minesing (Barrie),Ontario,Canada L0L 1Y3Fax 705.739.9684In USA all orders ultraviolet therapy equipment at home and UV lamps require approval / prescription.

Powerful 36-watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Narrowband UVB. Compact dimensions. A sturdy handle, light weight and compact dimensions make the 500 Series very portable. Medical Study: Are Narrow-Band Ultraviolet B Home Units a Viable Option for Continuous or photoresponsive Maintenance Therapy of Skin Diseases?

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For the wall color, I might go for a light to medium gray - a dark enough shade so there is some nice contrast between the sofa and wall. For the rug, I would choose an even deepr shade of gray, red or orange. A textural rug would be nice

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