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Halogen lighting

A lamp is a halogen incandescent lamp containing a halogen gas (bromine or iodine, in general), the envelope is resistant to high temperatures.

The halogen principle

A power to heat the tungsten filament decays slowly as particles (it is said that there is evaporation of the filament). These particles are deposited on the inner walls of the bulb. In the case of a standard incandescent lamp, the phenomenon results in blackening of the bulb filament and thinning. With halogen principle, evaporation of the filament is greatly reduced, so the filament thins slower and the lamp lasts longer.

The main types of halogen lamps

Type low voltage without reflector (or bi-pin)

The bi-pin low voltage lamps are very interesting due to their small size. They are widely used for spot lighting objects in glass cases or general lighting when combined in sufficient quantity. This type of lighting requires the use of a suitable transformer.

Type low voltage dichroic reflector

The dichroic lamps are low voltage bi-pin lamps mounted in a reflector in particular glass. This reflector has two critical roles in the operation of the lamp. First, it serves to remove infrared radiation (heat so) towards the rear of the lamp and the visible rays toward the front of the lamp. On the other hand, the dichroic reflectors are filled with hundreds of tiny facets, depending on their size and disposition, give the lamp light beams whose angles vary from 6 ° to 60 °. In general, dichroic lamps for lighting work in TBT (12 V) and therefore require the use of a suitable transformer, except G9 models, GU / GZ 10 (230 V). Despite its technical qualities, the halogen lamp often consumes more energy than a conventional incandescent lamp.

The supply voltage of a halogen lamp

It is imperative that a halogen lamp is supplied at its rated voltage, otherwise the temperature in the lamp are not those required and halo effect does not occur. The lamp functions as a simple light bulb.

The variable halogen lamps

A halogen lamp dimmer varies the supply voltage of the lamp. When a halogen lamp is used with a dimmer (as streetlights), the halogen principle only works when the lamp is in full swing. Under-voltage, halogen principle is no longer valid. Therefore, the life of halogen lamps with dimmer used may be shorter than expected. It is estimated that when the temperature on the inner wall of the bulb is 250 ° C, the halogen cycle works. This temperature is reached for operation at rated voltage.

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1. Whatever anchors the current halogen bulb might work. Preserve as much as possible so you can just drill/bolt-in the new incandescent fixture.
2. A little solder or welding might be needed to anchor it to whatever is left of the halogen anchor.
3. We ended up drilling a small hole in the "top bowl" to anchor the new, cheap incandescent fixture. That hole is in the back, small & inconspicuous and always hidden -- not the solution I preferred, but we resurected a dangerous, $200 floor-lamp for ~$3 in parts!!!
BTW, I mentioned incandescent fixtures can often (but not always) accept energy-saving CFL bulbs

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