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Basics: 03 - Electrical and Plumbing:

When we attend a trade show not just buy the area and hire the stand assembly, it is necessary to go through several steps one is buying electricity and water (input) and flows (output / sewer). The water is not compulsory and only applies if your booth has a sink in the pantry for buffet service or any equipment on display that uses water. However a minimum purchase of energy is required. In a residence or business paid each month by the energy we use and the measure is used in KWh ie kilowatt hour. Already at a fair pay for energy KVA (Kilo Volt Ampere). There has always been a major issue with respect to KVAS both by customers as the automakers, mainly because kvas charged by promoters usually much expensive. Automakers should report exactly as in lighting or appliances are using for adding equipment to the customer there is no lack or excess energy, but unfortunately this does not always occur. When spare KVA unlucky who bought more because there will be no refund, but the promoters are always attentive to customers who bought insufficient power and found the irregularity charge fines (provided in the contract) and require the purchase of additional energy and, if not remedied even cut the power of the booth. So let's try to understand how to buy the correct power for your booth. The first step is to understand what a KVA.

Is = 1 KVA to 1, 000 volts, so if a light bulb is 100w it consumes 0.10 KVA

Below are some items already converted:

Air Conditioning 10, 000 BTU 1.0 KVA
Air Conditioning 12, 000 BTU 1.2 kvas
0.5 KVA conventional coffee
Super automatic coffee 1.25 kvas
Professional Coffee Machine (groups 2 + mill) 3.5 kvas
Professional Coffee Machine (groups 2 + mill) 5.0 kvas
Refrigerator 0.5 KVA
Freezer 0.5 KVA
Fridge 0.3 KVA
Microcomputer 0.15 KVA
Monitor 0.25 KVA
Laptop 0.03 KVA
Plasma tv 0.15 KVA
0.10 KVA conventional TV
DVD 0, 15 KVA
Projector 0.15 KVA
Fan 0.30 KVA
Printer - Dot Matrix / Laser / Inkjet 0.50 KVA
Fax 0, 20 KVA
Video Wall - multiplied by the amount and type of TV used
Incandescent lamp 100/150 w 0.10 and 0.15 KVA
Fluorescent lamp 20W 0, 05 KVA
0.05 KVA halogen dichroic lamp
Blinking light bulbs up to 100 KVA 0.05
300W halogen lamp with reflector 0.30 KVA
500W halogen lamp with reflector 0.50 KVA
Reflector HQI ballast with 150w / 500w 0.30 / 0.50 KVA

ORE International 3030WH Halogen Torchiere, White
Lighting (Ore International)
  • Finish: White
  • Uses 1 190W Halogen bulb (bulb included)
  • Dimmer switch
  • Safety certified
  • Weighted base
2006-04-03 16:24:11 by anyonehelp

Fixing a halogen floor lamp...

I am just trying to fix two halogen lamps, just want to save money...
one is in my study room, everything was fine, but the light bulb went out so I replaced with a new one. but then I don't know why, when I turn it on for 20 minutes, it will go off by itself. Is it overheated???
The other one is in my living room, I tooked out the light bulb and I found that one end of the light bulb was black like it was burned... and I found that the connectors that touching the light bulb was very black too, so is it possible to find the connectors and replace it? or should I just throw

2008-06-08 08:44:48 by FdAgainByHD

Is it worth rewiring this lamp?

I bought a floor lamp awhile back that used a circular fluorescent bulb. The lamp had 3 light settings low,med,high. Recently the bulb went out (static charge blew it). No one has the replacement bulb, not HD, not the local hardware store, or a lighting store. I walked in with the bulb and before I even made it to the counter she said they don't carry it, only HD did. But of course they don't anymore. She said that's what they do to people.
So my question is, since I like the look of the lamp, and it matches a table lamp I have...
Do I try to rewire it?
I've built lamps from scratch before a couple of times, so the wiring isn't an issue

2005-07-13 21:32:32 by advan

Lighting Design

I would use
(2)4" recessed compact fluorescents per 50 sqft
(2)4" Recessed compact for the walk-in closet.
Living Rooms/Family room/Den/Office Area
(2)4" Low Volt MR16 per 40 sqft w/dimmer switch with remote
(2) Wall sconces per wall
Dining Room
(2)4-6" recessed Par38 per 60 sqft/Dimmable
+ 1 pendant halogen light over the dining table
(2)4-6" recessed Par38 per 60 sqft
Grimble Low Volt MR16 Task Lights over the countertop work area and sink area.
1 Vanity Bar 3-Lights Use 3100K Fluorescents

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