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A nice way to decorate the living room but also many other areas of the home is to place a halogen lamp stand.'s Already a design element very exclusive and sought after, it is also very fashionable so why not try to give ' new light 'to your own home in just this way? In this article we will explain the magical universe of bright halogen lamps so that you no longer have doubts and uncertainties before these wonderful, when simple design objects.

As you know, to furnish their home, which is more than necessary priority for obvious reasons, you can then add gradually the particular elements of the accessories that we like a lot, design something that makes the whole environment more beautiful. For these reasons, we propose new items often and innovative elements, each perfect for a different style, from vintage to ultra contemporary. In this article we want to show you one of the most popular design elements, especially in the last period, or halogen lamps.

Elements that illuminate an environment have always been very much appreciated. May be linear, special, a special design, steel or a material visually warmer, what is important is that it is perfect for the style of your own home. A great choice is to place at home, especially in the living area, a floor lamp, perhaps even halogen. You can place it close to the divine or in a place not really enlightened, or near a chair where maybe you want to read a book or spend some 'time to relax.

There are models of standard lamps fixed, so have a form already well defined, such as that made ​​by Fabbian, a minimal model steel, or as a Leaf, designed by Muuto. Then there are the other models that have the moving body, then fold or soft and 'malleable' as the lamp by Foscarini Fork or the zigzag JIELDE. But these are just some of the halogen lamps stem from which you can choose, there are many others. You just have to discover them among those of our photo gallery!

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2006-04-03 16:24:11 by anyonehelp

Fixing a halogen floor lamp...

I am just trying to fix two halogen lamps, just want to save money...
one is in my study room, everything was fine, but the light bulb went out so I replaced with a new one. but then I don't know why, when I turn it on for 20 minutes, it will go off by itself. Is it overheated???
The other one is in my living room, I tooked out the light bulb and I found that one end of the light bulb was black like it was burned... and I found that the connectors that touching the light bulb was very black too, so is it possible to find the connectors and replace it? or should I just throw

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  • Works with 110 Volt , 120 Volt and 130 Volt as well , Long Life: 2,500 Hours bulb life
  • Usage: Applicable Home, Office, Restaurants, Stores, Schools , Landscape .
  • High Brightness and Energy efficient light bulb/ Dimmable Anyray®
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