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decoração de banheiro de luxoThe decoration of luxury apartments although not to the pocket of all of us,is increasingly in fashion and is a sign of status.Smart homes,use of rich materials,decorative items only,may be available to us all following some tricks and trends .

No need to make a very high investment to transform our apartment into something luxurious and full of personality.Just do careful planning and smart choices,tailored to each pocket.

With an eye on trends

Follow recent trends betting on environmentally friendly materials,fabrics handmade and rich fabrics of vibrant colors.Opt also for the use of bamboo and hardwood for flooring and furniture.

Are also very fashionable bedspreads,curtains and rugs handmade more intense colors,which combined with more traditional decorative elements lend an air of sophistication to your apartment.

Modern kitchens with appliances of art and "cellar" Staff give this type of decoration and functionality while a touch of luxury.

Bathrooms equipped with the latest technology are also an essential element in the decoration of a luxury apartment .Decoração de Luxo Casa em Londres Unique accessories as a heated towel rail,shower special to create a sauna effect or TV over the bath,are now within the reach of ordinary mortals.

Good tips at reduced cost

Use fabrics intense colors or earth tones to the cushions

Use eg marble,glass,or hardwoods,new or recycled from other furniture,to make coffee tables or support.

Make your most luxurious apartment with frames with photographs and frames elegant classic.You can also make your own frames with fabric patterns and natural materials such as dried leaves and flowers,for example.

Turn your lamps in the room through the vibrant fabrics abajours.

Use natural elements like shells,pebbles,feathers,flowers.You can for example make a center table with a jug and dried flower petals or natural.

The decoration of luxury apartments should focus primarily on the attention to detail and not with the price of materials,furniture and decorative objects .Just try that all the elements are well coordinated with each other and the environment to be harmonious. You can make your most luxurious apartment incorporating all these elements simple in decor luxury apartments.

Plants for decoration: caring holidays

Tips for decorating large rooms

Suggestions for decorating with gray

Ideas for living well colored

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Ikea Black Jansjo Desk Work Led Lamp Light
Lighting ()
  • - Uses LEDs, which consumes up to 80% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • - Gives directional light; good focus light.
  • - Adjustable arm for easy directing of light.
  • - Color: Black
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Finessing what you already have

The first suggestion I would make is to stop buying so much black and dark furniture. You've got enough. Start mixing in some lighter colors and larger, less traditional rugs.
Think about an armoir or cabinet that is painted or limewashed wood ( pale gray) for the foyer. For the table underneath the chandelier you bought, make it something unexpected. A new texture or one that is lacquered a color. The house is crying for color.
Bold patterns in rugs and accessories will help much more than lighting at this point. YOu need bigger rugs. The furniture looks like it barely fits on the ones there

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GLYBY Multicolored 3-LED Avatar Mushroom Decorative Desktop Lamp (220V)
Lawn & Patio (GLYBY)
  • Power: less than 0.5W
  • 3-LED yellow/green/blue lights
  • Cable length: 100cm
  • 2-round-pin plug type
  • Resin material
Adesso Adesso 5089-01 Spectator LED Floor Lamp, Black
Home Improvement (Adesso)
  • Glare-free light results in less eye strain
  • Excellent for reading, crafting, computer
  • Lasts up to 50, hours
  • Cooler to the touch than incandescent or CFL bulbs
  • Full range rotary dimmer switch on base
Zadro LED Dual Magnification Desk Lamp, White
Health and Beauty (Zadro)
  • Magnification: 1.75x main lens (3 3/4 inches) 2.25x inset spot lens (1 inches)
  • Lighting: 60 super bright LED lights - to recreate the effects of natural daylight
  • LED lights use up to 70% less electricity than standard bulbs
  • Pretoective lens cover guards against scratches and damage
  • Adjustable neck and guard for improved lighting and viewing

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