Floor Halogen Lighting

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Double Altura.Pisos porcellanatto.
Blindex Metálica.Puerta Carpinteria.
Halogen Lighting.

Sleeps 5 personas.Automático.
Stainless steel doors P.Baja
Metal doors on floors.

Stairs / Bearings
Microcemento.Iluminac Halogen Floor
Presence Sensor / Lighting

Garage gate remote.
DVH Openings ext. anodized alumin.
MDF interior doors painted
Integral front placard aluminum.
Black-out in Bedroom.

Electrical installation
Forecast Video Cable / phone.
Dashboard thermal unit / breaker
Wrenches and sockets Jeluz VERONA Type
Double intercom.
Forecast individual alarm.
Prevision security camera.

Sanitary facility
Hot / cold water Termofusión
Polyethylene Sewers ref.
Polyethylene Storm Drains ref.
Removing bathrooms by COVE
Facility bearing fire esc
Dual hot water boiler.
Toilet discharge valve.

Gas Installation
Epoxy gas installation
Heating / boiler dual

Installation A. Conditioning
Installation for Connection of equipment
Type Split in bedroom and living room.

Downstairs semicubiertas
Presence Sensor / Lighting


Living / Dining Room
Plaster walls.
Prefinished Wood Floor.
Heating radiators.
Tomas TV and Phone
4500 Split Connection.

Plaster walls.
Prefinished Wood Floor.
Heating radiators.
Front integrated aluminum placard.
Interior laminated closet.
Hardware platil.
Tomas TV and Phone
2250 Split Connection.

Revest. Ceramic ILVA type or similar.
ILVA ceramic floor type or similar.
Artef. Sanit. Ferrum type or similar.
Faucets type FV or similar.
FV type toilet valve or similar.
Laminate vanity counter.
Mirror defogger.
Hair dryer mural.

Revest. Ceramic type CCN or similar.
CCN ceramic floor type or similar.
Grif. monocomando type FV or similar.
Equipm. JOHNSON or equivalent type.
Granite countertop.
Stainless steel kitchen sink
Extraction hood.
Stainless steel oven and stove.
Dual Boiler Ariston wall or similar.

Flat Microcemento.
Railing Metal / Glass.
Halogen Lighting.
Gas Grill.
Take capped 220watts.

Painting walls and ceilings white
Painting white glaze openings
Complete Hardware platil.
Computed in safety lock
department access.

2004-03-23 23:13:10 by requiem

Lighting basics

You'll want to use indirect lighting, something not too bright. I use an ordinary dimmable halogen floor lamp. You'll also want some sort of adjustable task light for when you need more light on something.
Next step, clean your monitor and eliminate glare. (dust on the screen causes your eyes to try and focus on both the dust and the image, which are not at the same distance, and so causes eyestrain).
Finally, make sure your monitor is running with a refresh rate of at least 85Hz, and preferably over 100Hz. (Supposely the optic nerve gets saturated with data at around 80Hz, so anything higher might be overkill

2004-04-12 12:13:19 by Cluceless_about_Under_Ca

Under Cabinet Lighting

I've decided to remodel my kitchen myself. I've already removed all the cabinets, appliances, the floor and the walls.
My gf chose a halogen light fixture and we are definitely going to have to add some under cabinet lighting. I've seen a couple of sites with tips and it seems somewhat easy. I want to hardwire the system in, and add a switch to control all the under cabinet lights. Does anyone have recommendation on a certain brand or style to use? (I'm thinking halogen or xeon)
I'd appreciate any tips or advice.

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Samar Distribution Park Madison Lighting PMF-8101-16 63-Inch Tall Touch Control Halogen Floor Lamp, Satin Nickel Finish with Adjustable Column, Contemporary Design
Home Improvement (Samar Distribution)
  • Touch halogen floor lamp with an opal glass shade and adjustable column; 24-Inch diameter, 63-Inch tall
  • Satin Nickel finish
  • Contemporary design
  • 4-way touch switch with low/medium/high/off settings; Uses one 40-watt halogen g9 bulb
  • UL listed, bulb included; Not CA compliant
Good Earth Lighting Good Earth Lighting G19920-BK-I Halogen Spot Light
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  • Good Earth Lighting #G19920-BK-I Black Halogen Spot Light

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