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Floor lamp 50s black stem and base in white marble. Cylindrical shade red amaranth. Includes 3 frosted bulbs E27 60W, 100W E27 1 Chiara.

The conditions of this Regulation shall Getting Started service "Purchase Requisition" on the site

Acceptance of the purchase request our customer service will agree the terms of delivery of the goods as has been indicated in the email request.
The expenditure necessary for the shipment of goods are calculated sull'ingombro actual objects and their destination, the first information on shipping costs is only approximate. The calculation of the actual costs to be incurred will be given with precision at the time of acceptance.
The purchase of more objects from the possibility of achieving discounts on transportation, given that the company in charge of that service does not apply to bulk rates but only on the exact volume.
The shipping cost includes the packaging which will be carried out anyway.

Shipments shall be made only after the registration of the payment. The time required for the crediting of a bank is equal to four / five working days: the passage of time that is not attributable to delay shipment.

Make the payment transactions of the purchase price and shipping, we are committed to deliver the product to the carrier packed with as quickly as possible. The Cooperative will operate to best ensure that the products arrive in the best condition, but we can not be held responsible for any damages resulting from any delay occurred during transport.

E 'useful to clarify that shipping antiques requires a series of steps slow and tender, therefore, in some cases, delivery can not be timely.
The phone will arrange courier delivery directly with the customer. if the agreed delivery date can not find anyone, subsequent attempts (always agreed by telephone) will be charged to the consignee on delivery.

Delivery is understood outside the house edge trucks (ie, as per the contract, the carrier is not required to unload). Any deliveries with tail lift (to bring the object to road height) will be previously agreed in bargaining

Insurance rules
In case of damage caused by the carrier, please contact us with confidence, we will take action to make you have a compensation in accordance with current laws

The methods we use are the following:
1. Dispatch vector: reimburse EUR 1 450 per kg as per law on transport.
Included in the cost of packing and shipping instructions indicated, is calculated in the case of damage, a refund equal to 1 euro per kg, as required by law 450 transport vector.

2. Optional shipping insurance: reimburse the full amount paid for the work.
And 'possible in case you wish, insure the shipment on the value of the goods. In case of damage will refund the total amount versataci for purchase. It 'a mode recommended in cases of expensive items. In this case the damaged goods will necessarily returned.

If an item is delivered damaged, the customer must necessarily claim with the waybill exhibited by courier. Otherwise it will not be possible to submit a request for damages.

E 'in the full right of the buyer to check the goods before retiring.
If the courier does not allow such operations makes a serious lack, our advice in this case is to sign subject, stating that there has been prevented from making checks.

Given the treated material, personnel from hand to hand, pays particular attention to the methods of packaging.
These methods require different processes depending on the object, which affect both the timing (maximum of fifteen days extra), which on shipping.
Depending on the type of object to send you will opt for a different method of packaging, which may vary from the single coating with bubble wrap or cardboard in coatings more complex, and imbancalati cassonati.
The packaging will be done after removing the object, where it is possible.
The packaging material is not returnable.
The operation will end with labeling and documentation of transport.

2008-09-16 18:37:51 by REnIDgirl

Crate and Barrelhas a large outlet in Naperville

Much larger than the one in the city. Half of it is the stuff the outlet in the city has (dishes, linens, etc) but the other half is furniture. It's either discontinued stuff, stuff that showed up damaged (scratches) or in the wrong color, or old floor samples. I've seen some killer deals there. They also have stuff from CB2 there as well. I recently purchased 2 CB2 lamps from there, one for $30 and one for $20. The info and location for it is on their website. Their store on North Ave had a lot of floor samples for good prices last time I was in. I purchased an upholstered dining chair floor sample to use ask a desk chair for $59

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sunlite Light Bulb Adapter for Antique Floor Lamp Mogul Socket
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Cal Lighting BO-117FL-RU 100-Watt Adjustable-Height Pharmacy Floor Lamp, Rust
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  • 2-piece pole adjusts from 47 inches to 57-1/2 inches high
  • Beautiful rust finish; round, tiered base; on/off pull chain; inside heat shield
  • 100-watt socket; accommodates energy-efficient CFL bulbs (not included)
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Bulbrite Bulbrite 134019 40W Nostalgic Edison Squirrel Cage-style Bulb
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