Vintage Floor Lamps UK

Let me point out a beautiful undergraduate work of two young designers for the project StrawberryKingdom. The studio work has produced a beautiful floor lamp called Good King Henry.

This lamp is an early work of these designers Polish Golden Kulawik and Jan Modzelewski. Both graduates of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Here's what they say about their work:

The Good King Henry lamp is made out of oak and powder coated steel tubes. It is surmounted by a fabric shade. The authors were guided by the idea of ​​a perfect workmanship. The simplicity of the structural elements Stresses Their functionality and the combination of the bright colors with the pale hue of the wood gives the object subtleness. The shade was Placed on a movable arm, Which Enables the users to adapt the inclination of the lamp so it best fits Their needs and the nature of the interior. The irregular arrangement of the slats gives the lamp three different faces - the shape of the object according to Functional changes the perspective from Which it is Observed. It awakens curiosity and Encourages user interaction.


2007-09-16 11:09:38 by tinkerbellgotlegs

Used to make them in college for extra money

Lamp shades are pretty easy if you have a little handy and crafty. I used to live in a building in college that the bottom floor was a dry cleaner and the old lady that owned it used to give me wire hangers.
You want to use the lighter weight ones for shirts. Use wire cutters to cut the wire. check your dimensions first. You start with the top/bottom circle or square-whatever shape you are using-then add the "arms" to the top and bottom. I mostly used a soldering iron. But I have made ones that are tied with twine or jute too. You can get an iron pretty inexpensively at most craft stores or a stained glass or hardware store

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