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gibt es in sehr vielen verschiedenen Formen und Farben und werden in der heutigen Zeit auch sehr gerne als reichlich verzierte, oder auch eher schlichte Form als Schmuck für Wohnräume genutzt. Lamps are available in many different shapes and colors and are used in today's time also very happy as ornamented, or rather simple form to decorate living spaces. The uses are varied, whether. Than table lamp, reading lamp, floor lamp, or simply for decoration The actual living area should be lit about as versatile as comfortable as a rule to include different lighting opportunities and sources depending on the emotional state. You just have a single room light not! Rather, it is to supplement this by alternative table lamps or floor lamps. Durch die richtige Beleuchtung können Sie eine behagliche und gemütliche Atmosphäre schaffen und zum eigenen Wohlbefinden beitragen. Without a doubt, the interesting picture lights or known reading lamps provide additional light accents again, which complete the picture of a residential area. Through proper lighting you can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere and contribute to their own well-being.

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Salt crystal lamps

Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful decorating idea not only visually in the apartment, but they also promote the well-being and health of the people.
I own a good 10 years since Salt crystal lamps and each room is equipped with these with us. Mie personally very pleased with the specified light and make it a point that the salt crystals have irregular inclusions, because I like this better.

In this report, I want you to describe the benefits of the lights and enter the information that I have learned over time to continue.

The time of origin of the salt crystals is been a while since, strictly speaking, about 250 million years. Created this salt crystal layers during the drying of the seas.
The most known and the purest salt crystals come from the Himalayas. Here you have to watch that you're not a fake - gets offered only say the colored salt crystal for sale. A criterion here is that the fake crystal salt is regularly compared to the authentic, in color to. A certificate of authenticity should be allowed to indulge.

Appearance of the salt crystal
The salt crystals are totally different in colors and textures, yet shall not the same. The colors vary from white to dark red. In some rocks you can find all of these colors. I find most beautiful.
The colors vary depending on how much iron oxide or manganese was included. In the iron salt crystals tend to reds, with inclusions of manganese is a yellow tone to pass. These two substances combined result logically an orange hue. The colors are always flowing.

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My mother collects miniatures;
tiny tea sets,
complete with cups
and saucers smaller than finger nails,
pocket-sized apples, pears and bananas
made of crystal or colored glass
with a wicker basket to hold them,
entire model neighborhoods,
hand painted houses,
a post office, and general store-
all lined up on book shelves
with old fashioned street lamps
beside porcelain people,
ice-skating, each with one foot in mid-air.
She spends hours rearranging;
moving cups around on their tray
switching the white house
for the light blue one
with the navy shutters,
wiping every crevice
of her little world
with a dust cloth,
then replacing each piece
just so along the shelf

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