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Tiffany Lamps: Stylish Glass Art

Tiffany lamps are beautiful objects of art that put a highlight in any room. There are antique-style lamps that are manufactured for over a hundred years.

Antique lamps from the era of boy style

The artistic craft to manufacture these lamps is at the end of the 19th Century emerged in the era of Art Nouveau. Their names have received the Tiffany lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany.paypal He was an important American representatives of Art Nouveau and lived from 1948 to 1933. On his extensive travels he learned the glasses of the Egyptian pharaohs know.

Inspired by them, he returned to his native New York and began making back its glass art. Antique lamps, mosaics and exceptionally beautiful windows, such as the windows of the cathedral of New York, he designed in this style. Among his creations in glass Tiffany lamps are still among the most popular objects.

Tiffany lamps are special

The manufacture of modern Tiffany lamps are still in the same way as in the early years of this art. Individual glass pieces are combined with copper foil and the solder, and then, the seams are provided with a patina. Antique lamps have thus their Reitz, who pass on the Tiffany lamps manufactured today, because they are just produced.ssl

Tiffany lamps are characteristic of the beautiful colors that are enhanced by their lights once in the expression. The lamps can be colorful or kept discreetly. It lies at the very taste of the future owner, the object for which he would choose. Also the spatial conditions should not be ignored; color-matched to the interior, a Tiffany lamp looks

There are several variations of these lamps. They are, for example, as a single lamp shades available as floor or wall lights . Especially nice are the intricately shaped animals in Tiffany style. Tiffany lamps are very noble, replicate the antique lamps from the Art Nouveau period detail. Art lovers can add to their decoration with these classic lamps fit.


2009-11-07 12:55:33 by with?

What kind of fabric do I make a lampshade

I have an old lamp and the silk lampshade has fallen apart. I'm going to remove the torn fabric and recover the wire frame with new fabric.
I don't know anything about fabric. Are there any types better or worse for lampshades?
The lamp is an antique floor lamp. I have a good eye for what look I want. I need input into the actual material.

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EGLO EGLO 89561A Shuko Outdoor Floor Lamp, Antique Brown
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  • Lamp Type: B-Type Candelabra

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