Floor Lamp with Brass Shade


REF 0986 - beret and fringed lamp with original glass 1920. --- REF 0920 - Gas lamp,6 lights with lampshades origin. --- REF 08187 - gas lamp,electrified,with lampshades time. --- REF 07108 - Porcelain Lamp with marked on the base.45 cm high screen. --- REF 07111 - Lamp with biscuit.45 cm high screen. --- Couple church candlesticks electrified. --- Couple neogothic church candlesticks electrified. --- Sold Three brass wall lamps with opaline globes.Sold separately. --- Couple neogothic lamps. --- German-made lamp.Approximately 1920. --- Crystal chandelier 30s. --- Porcelain and brass lamp with pink tulips. --- Sold Modernist lamp (20s) cast brass,silk and crystal vintage. --- Venetian glass chandelier. --- Sold Venetian glass chandelier. --- Brass and glass lamp. --- Five-light chandelier,glass and brass. --- Sold Bronze lamp with twelve lights.40s. --- Votive lamp with silver plated.Electrified. --- Sold Modernist lamp brass lampshades glass paste --- Sold I bronze glass chandelier with five lights. --- Sold Bronze candlestick imitation parchment screen. --- Table lamp with shade in opaline depacho. --- Small lamps with crystals. --- Sold Votive lamp. --- Sold Painted matt glass lamp fire. --- Sold

2007-08-17 16:40:38 by DeadArtistsSoc

I'm still discovering things that were "lost"

During our last move.
Did you have "professional" movers do any of the trucking for you?
I "lost" a 7.5' high, hand crafted custom walnut and oak bookcase with raised floating end panels and tongue n' groove shelving. I tried to get an estimate to have remade. I was quoted $7k.
I also "lost" a restored deco solid brass floor lamp (all I have left is the handmade silk shade), two 30 year old solid brass Stiffle candlestick table lamps, two classical realist paintings (one turned up on Ebaylast year - the seller got it at an estate auction in the area I had moved from)

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Antique Italian 1940s brass floor lamp with 3 palm trees
Antique Italian 1940s brass floor lamp with 3 palm trees

Make Yourself at Home: Meyer Davis Makes Work Cozy  — Interior Design
Decor furthermore resembles that of a home—an effect noticeable the minute visitors step off the elevator. “Instead of making a .. All are packed with homey details, such as brass lamps, cocktail tables, and windows softened by white sheers.

Lightaccents Banker's Lamp with Green Glass Shade, Brass Finish (Bulb included)
Home (Lightaccents)
  • Uses 40-watt Incandescent or 13-watt CFL Bulb
  • Brass finish with green glass shade
  • On/off pull chain on socket

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