Argos Brass Floor Lamps

Mural Diego Rivera, the Mexican National Palace

illustrated travel, if you decide to come on Mexican soil, you can concoct in my culture, their roots that are based on the mexicaneidad, many people travel the country in several ways: there are people who know mexico, as a normal tourist and there are those come to this land with the eye of spiritual search, art and healing. Just look for where you have to look, do not go to places if any, where you provide tequilas intoxicating beverages, or pulques mezclaes supposedly with intentions to heal something, or hotels where drugs pass on beaches. If you come to it with respect and love, and to really learn and enjoy
To the north you eldesirto, you know there over a thousand different types of cactaces, two hundred different species of magical animals there from coyotes, snakes, eagles, hawks, arachnids and fossil stones, crystals and geodes.

In the center even hard colonial cities, music of all among the predominantly huastecos and redobe sones, mariachi and big guitar sounds of guitar, delicious places in old houses and mountains that offer typical food such as quesadillas, sopes or gorditas stuffed Bean and chicharron, copper, lacquered wood pieces and hand painted. these paths will help you know how people visit entities still retain a seer who sees what is magical and ancient mexico reflected in their works of art, decirados gourds, or canteens that serve vasijsa beverage, water coffee or the, floor lamps or bureau, beautiful blouses and shawls that tell stories THROUGH the arrangement, color and shapes of spinning their yarns, furs made with emblems Aztecs koyeria brass in different prices, zapazto leather, jackets, etc. . Zarapes wool is actually very good, you go south find amber, little jade and malachite, archaeological zones seaside caribbean blue, cenotes and forest. You can take the plane to visit mexico city its cathedrals and museums, the subway that will help you in traffic if you like walking. At night go to a good bar in any top hotel, where international beverage is not expensive. a show at the Sala Ollin Yolixtlli will make you understand and prepare to follow the path. , This sla is close to the University area that is built on the remnants of what was the city of the Mexica, the Aztecs who were born after the conquest, that went out the Tacuba causeway when Hernan Cortes ran its city ​​Tenochtitlan. The god of the Mexica was Tlaloc, is said to live there in the pyramid ..... Cuicuilco
why will the antenna of TV Azteca's fine city and guarded?
mexico loves you

Adesso Adesso 3051-22 Spotlight Steel Floor Lamp with Tripod Base
Lighting (Adesso)
  • Contemporary spotlight-style floor lamp inspired by professional set lighting
  • Black steel tripod base and chrome-plated steel pole; lightweight yet durable
  • Tilting anodized-aluminum can shade with protective metal grill cover
  • Adjustable height; shade-mounted on/off switch; uses 75-watt standard bulb (not included)
  • Measures 15 inches in diameter and extends from 44 to 61 inches high
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Beach genies.

A man was walking on the beach and tripped over something in the sand. He picked up the item and found it was an old oil lamp. He brushed it off and not one but two genies materialized. They spoke to him telepathically and told him to go home and his wishes will be granted if he threw the lamp back into the ocean. So he did just that and when he walked into his living room it was lined floor to ceiling with all the riches he could ever spend. When he walked into his bedroom there was a blond, redhead and brunette all sexy as could ever be all naked and all coxing him to bed them all together, as he was taking off his clothes and walking to the bed, two masked men jumped out of the closet

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Adesso Adesso 6424-01 Director Floor Lamp, Black
Lighting (Adesso)
  • This modern tripod lamp has a smooth matte black finish
  • Big black poly/cotton drum shade
  • Shade dimensions: 12-Inch high, 20-Inch in diameter
  • Lamp dimensions: 62.5-Inch high, 18-Inch between each leg
  • Requires one 150-watt bulb, not included

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Music People On Stage Stands MS7701 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand
Musical Instruments (Music People)
  • Solid cast end with standard 5/8-27 threads.
  • Long 36inch boom with molded plastic counterweight.
  • Euro-Style boom with separate clutches for length and angle of boom. Allows user to make one-handed adjustments of boom angle while performing.
  • Professional quality die-cast zinc clutch locks vertical shaft at any height from 36 to 63 inches.
  • Clip-on cable holder
DAYLIGHT Daylight Studio Lamp With Tripod
Art and Craft Supply (DAYLIGHT)
  • Designed for artists working with medium to extra large objects
  • Comfortable light eases eye strain to help see details
  • Includes 20w bulb, flex arm, clamp, power cord and tripod stand
Lite Source Inc Lite Source LS-81678 Floor Lamp, Polished Steel And Black with White Fabric Shade
Home Improvement (Lite Source Inc)
  • Lite Source Floor Lamp with Polished Steel And Black body
  • White Fabric Shade
  • Shade Dimensions: 10.5-Inch height
  • Lamp dimensions: 65.75-Inch x 24-Inch x 24-Inch
  • Requires 1 x 23 Watt E27-socket CFL-type bulb (not included)

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