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Ache - pain.
Achieve (R) - complete, accomplish, achieve, achieve, achieve the goal.
Achromatopsia - color vision deficiency.
Acorea - no pupil; Acoria.
Acquired - acquired (a).
Add (R) - add, add.
Adulthood - adulthood.
After-catarat - posterior capsule opacification after extracapsular cataract surgery, secondary cataract.
After-image - persistence of visual response after the light stimulus ceases.
Acts - age.
Aging - aging.
Against - against, contrary, unfavorable.
Against the rule - against the rule.
AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
Aim (R) (2) - aim, goal, goal.
Airbubble - air bubble produced in order to reconstruct the anterior chamber.
Airpuff - puff tonometer.
Airways - airways.
Allow (R) - allow, let, permit.
Alone - alone, alone.
Among - between (preposition plural).
Amount - amount.
Angle closure - closing angle determines the angle glaucoma.
Annoy (R) - annoy, harass, annoy, bother.
Annoying - annoying, annoying.
Antedated - preceded.
Antibody - antibody.
Aperture - the diaphragm.
Appearance - appearance, aspect.
Approach (R) - to address; approach.
Apply (R) - apply, employ.
Birth canal - the birth canal.
Bite - bite, sting (insect).
Black eye - black eye. The term is commonly used to describe orbital ecchymosis produced by truma with blunt punch.
Blade - Blade.
Blanch (R) - whiten, blanch, whiten.
Blanching - whitening, lightening.
Bleb - blister, pustule, vesicle.
Bleed (bled-bled) - bleed.
Blend (1) - mixing, fusion, combination.
Blend (R) (2) - mix, match, harmonize.
Blind - blind (a).
Blindness - Blindness.
Blind spot (of Mariotte) - area of ​​blindness in the visual field that indicates the location of the optic disc where there are no photoreceptors; blind spot.
Blink (R) - blink, blink.
Blinking - wink, wink.
Blister - blister, pustule, vesicle.
Block (R) - block, obstruct, prevent.
Blockage - obstruction blocking.
Blood - blood.
Blood supply - blood supply.
Blowout fracture - a fracture of the orbital floor orbital content prolapse. It is considered to be "pure" when it involves the rhyme orbital and "unclean" when it involves both the rhyme of the orbit as the adjacent facial bones. Enophthalmos occurs, ptosis, inability to supraduction and sometimes paresthesia.
Blue - Blue.
Blue sclera - abnormality in which the sclera is thinned and bluish appearance because of underlying choroidal pigment.
Blunt - kind of head trauma that abruptly can cause the onset of cataracts.
Blurred - blurry, blurry (vision).
Bobbing - low speed intermittent eye with slow return to primary position that occurs in individuals with spinal pontínea lower.
Boring - or that it (a) that bothers or upsets.
Body - body.
Bone - Bone.
Bone marrow - bone marrow.
Borderline - borderline between.
Bottle - Bottle bottle.
Bottle life - life of determining medicine after the opening of your bottle; validity.
Bottom - bottom to bottom.
Bow (1) - arc, curvature, camber.
Bow (2) (R) - bulge, bend, arch.
Bowing - bowing.
Box-car - segmental arterial lesions that can be observed occlusions in the central retinal artery.
Brain - brain.
Branch - Branch, derivation.
Branching - branching.
Break-up time test - by means of which quantifies the stability of the tear film, which consists of the following steps:
(A) fluorescein was instilled in inferior fornix;
(B) asks the patient to blink several times and then stop;
(C) © the tear film is observed at the slit lamp with a wide beam of light cobalt. After a time interval dark spots or lines indicating the presence of dry areas will appear. The break-up time is the time interval between the last blink and the appearance of the first point or lean spot. A break-up time less than 10 seconds is considered abnormal.
Breast - Breast (s), chest. (For ex.: "Breast-feeding woman" = woman breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding).
Bridle - NetA.
Bring (expresso, expresso) - bring, lead.
Broad - off (a), large (a), broad (a). By extension: "= broad spectral broad spectrum."
Brow - forehead, eyebrow, eyebrow.
Brown - brown, brown.
Bubble - Bubble (air) bubbles.
Bulging - bulging, bulge.
Bunch (R) - formed in bundles, bundle up, accumulate. The term has application in the description of the form found in plateau iris syndrome that occurs with pupillary dilation determining pupillary block.
Bundle - group, bundle, fasciculus, bundle.
Burn (R) - burn.
Burning - Burn.
Burst (burst-burst) - break, bust, eruptar.
Buttocks - buttocks.
Button - Button, biloto, lump.
Can opener capsulotomy - technique of cataract surgery which consists of the opening of the lens capsule compared to the method for opening a can opener with metal which perforations are made in the top cover forming an outline.
Candle-wax-dripping - injury ounce candle observed in the posterior segment frequently in periflebites mainly caused by sarcoidosis.
Cardiac output - cardiac output.
Care - Care
Case - case (clinical).
Cat-scratch disease - cat scratch disease, considered one of the causes of the syndrome of Parinaud oculoglandular.
Change (1) - change, change.
Chain - chain, chain.
Change (2) (R) - change, change.
Chart - schematic map, table, chart, record.
Cheek - face, zygoma.
Child - Child.
Chalk-like flecks - also described as Vogt limbal bands are gray stains shaped crescentic commonly observed in the elderly, situated in nasal or temporal limbus.
Chamber - chamber compartment.
Chart - table, scale.
Cheesy - what has the appearance or consistency similar to cheese. The term is used mainly to describe the content of lesions such as molluscum contagiosum.
Chest - chest, torso.
Chickenpox - chickenpox.
Children - children.
Childhood - childhood.
Choice - choice.
Choose (chose, chosen) - choose.
Christmas tree - a point made by a rare type of cataract whose protein deposits in the deep cortex and nucleus resemble pine branches (christmas tree).
Clamp - clamp, clamp.
Clarity - Clarity.
Clean - clean (a), clear (a), clear (a).
Clean (R) - clean, clear.
Cleanliness - clean, sharp.
Clear cornea - area consisting exclusively of corneal tissue.
Cleft - cleft.
Cleft lip - labioleporino.
Clock-wise direction - clockwise.
Close (R) - close and lock.
Closure - closing.
Clot - clot.
Clotting - Coagulation.
Clinging - adhesive (a), sticky (a).
Cloudiness - ambaçamento, turbidity.
Clue - hint or clue that can be useful in the elucidation of a particular clinical finding or diagnosis.
Clump - Trail brand.
Cobblestone - squamous aspect observed in vernal conjunctivitis
Coarse - thick (a), gross (a), rough (a), rustic (a).
Coarseness - roughness, grosseiria.
Color blindness - change manifested by the inability to accurately distinguish some colors; dyschromatopsia. See achromatopsia, protanopia tritanopia, deuteroanomaly, protanomaly.
Complain (R) (1) - complain (up), complain.
Complain (2) - clinical complaint.
Compliance - cooperation, patient adherence to treatment.
Compliant - co (a), which adheres to treatment.
Conjunctival frekle - area of ​​rarefaction of conjunctival epithelium pigmentary considered as differential diagnosis of conjunctival melanosis.
Counter-clock wise direction - counterclockwise.
Cool - cold (a), fresh (a).
Cooling - cooling, cooling.
Cooper-wiring - copper wire aspect observed in the retinal arterioles of patients with chronic systemic hypertension.
Cotton - Cotton.
Cotton ball - vitreous opacity observed frequently in vitreítes when asumem looks like flakes of cotton.
Cotton-tipped-bud - swab.
Cotton-wool spot - exudate algodonoso comumnete observed the fundus in patients with pre-proliferative diabetic retinopathy. The change is caused by capillary occlusion layer fibrotic retinal nerve. The interruption of axoplasmic flow determined by ischemia and subsequent accumulation of the material in axons is responsible for the whitish
these lesions that appear in cotton wool spots.
Cough (R) - cough.
Coughing - coughing.
Cover test - semiological approach strabismus with broad application that allows indentificar tropias, grade control and deviations beyond the degree of fixation of each eye. Should be performed near and distance. Good vision with central fixation in each eye is a necessary condition for measuring the deviation angle by this method. The alternate cover test is to occlude one and then the other eye and observe the behavior of each eye when desocluído. It is a test that allows highly dissociative manifestation of the total variance to be measured with prism. When placed before the eye of the prism has the power to make the beam emerging coincident with the visual axis of the eye occluded, that eye does not move back to fixing the value of the prism is the objective measurement of ocular deviation.
Crab louse - lice ("boring"); Phthirus pubis.
Crack (R) - break, break.
Cramp - cramps, colic, spasm.
Crater - ulcerous wound aspect; crater.
Crease - wrinkle, fold, fold. Crocodile shagreen - granular surface characterized by the presence of stromal opacity divided by gray polygons. For resemble the rugged and uneven skin crocodile received this designation.
Crop - set, collection (eg "crops of small vesicles" = cluster of small blisters).
Cross section - cut transvesal.
Crown - crown.
Crumblike - aspect assumed by granular corneal dystrophy type II which resembles pellets of bread.
Crust - Crust.
Crusting - encrostação, roughness.
Cul-de-sac - the French still widely used in the medical literature in the English language to describe the conjunctival fornix.
Culprit - cause, trigger factor.
Cupid's bow - change in segment located corneal limbal whose appearance resembles arcus senilis. It is frequently observed in vernal keratoconjunctivitis.
Cupping - Dig (optic nerve).
Cut (cut-cut) - cut, incise.
Cut-off - limit value of credibility of a particular laboratory result, the term has also in radiology job when you want to describe the abrupt Bus interruption of a radiographic image.
Cutting - cutting interruption.
Damage - damage, injury.
Dandruff-like - look similar to dandruff found in the trabecular meshwork is present when materials peseudo exfoliative-like product crisis pseudo-exfoliative glaucoma.
Dark - Dark (a).
Darker - darker (a).
Date - estatíticos elements; database.
Daily - Daily, daily.
Day - day.
Daylight - daylight.
Dead - dead (a).
Deaf - Deaf (a).
Deafness - deafness.
Death - Death.
Decrease (R) - Decrease, counts down.
Degree - level, grade, grading.
Delivery - delivery (French deliverance = farrowing).
Delouse - delousing.
Deep - Deep (a).
Deeper - deeper (a).
Delay - delay, delay, delay.
Delay (R) - delay, delay (up), delay (up).
Dellen - localized area of ​​corneal thinning consequent instability and tear which is mainly caused by the use of rigid contact lenses limbal lesions and the most varied. In old age may be idiopathic.
Depth - depth.
Destroy (R) - destroy.
Detachment - detachment (eg, retinal detachment = retinal detachment).
Deuteroanomaly - so anomalous tricromatismo seems to occur in which a deficiency of cones sensitive to waves of medium length so that there is a precarious distinction for the green-purple and red-purple, insensitivity to green. The perception of light is preserved.
Develop (R) - to develop; reveal (the film).
Device - device, feature, apparatus, mechanism.
Die (died-dead) - die.
Dimple - pit excavation.
Dip, Dipping - dip, plunge.
Discharge - discharge, dismissal, rash, oozing.
Disease - illness, disease.
Disorder - disorder, disease, disorder, change.
Displace (R) - go, away.
Disposable - disposable, non-reusable.
Disrupt (R) - to break, crack, crack.
Disruption - rupture, crack, crack.
Distort (R) - distort, misrepresent, confuse.
Dizziness - Dizziness.
Dizzy - Dizzy (a).
Doll head - maneuver is passive movement of the head to the side for the purpose of detecting neurological by eye movements.
Dome - dome curvature angle (corneal).
Dome-shaped - what have domed or vaulted. The term can be associated with the nodular form found in the eyelid keratoacanthoma.
Double - double, double (o).
Donor - donor (a) tissue or organ.
Doubt (R) - doubt, doubt.
Doubtful - doubtful (a).
Downgaze - setting the vision in the downward direction; rightward.
Dozen - dozen.
Drape - surgical field.
Draping - insulation cirúgicos fields.
Draw (drew-drawn) - draw, sketch, draw.
Drawback - side effect.
Drift - accumulation, mount, rise.
Dripping - Dripping.
Drop - Drop.
Droplet infection - teratogenicity characterized by transmitting microorganisms upon the instillation of eye drops contaminated.
Dry - dry, dry.
Dryness - dryness, aridity.
Due to - because, by virtue of.
During - during.
Dust - dust, dust.
Dwarf - Dwarf (dwarf).
Dwarfism - dwarfism.
Dye - dye.
Early - early, early.
Early life - young age.
Ease - ease.
Easy - easy.
Eclispse sign - increasing the corner shading nasal obtained by examination of the anterior chamber by projecting the light beam of the slit lamp perpendicular to the eye, the change is seen as indicative of closed-angle glaucoma; signal eclipse.
Edge - edge (a), border, margin.
Elderly - old age, aged (a).
Enable (R) - empower, enable.
End-stage - advanced stage, the final stage.
Ending - termination.
Enhance (R) - Highlight, stress, increase, intensify.
Enough - enough, enough.
Entrapment - entrapment, compression, stenosis.
Exposure keratopathy - exposure keratopathy.
Eye - eye.
Eyeball - eyeball.
Eyebrow - eyebrow, eyebrow.
Eyegrounds - fundus.
Eye piece - a key part of the cannon of the slit lamp which serves to adjust the refractive error of the eye doctor. Before starting the examination should make the adjustment of the objective (within 8 diopters) in order to get the proper binocularity. Professor teaches us. Fernando Oréfice: "if the ophthalmologist can not adjust prior eye piece can not attain greatness and picture clarity."
Eye popping - see Kanski, p. 41 (causes of lid retracttion)
Eyelid - eyelid.
Eyestrain - fatigue or eye discomfort.
Eyetracking - eye tracking system used in laser refractive surgeries able to gather a combination of beam size, fluency and repetition rate (number of shots per second) and an array of alternating corneal area affected, which produces good surgical results with rapid convalescence.
Eyewash - eye drops, eye lubricating solution, by extension, artificial tears.
Fade (R) - fade, fade, fade, faint, swoon, gradually disappear.
Fail (R) - fail.
Failure - failure or dysfunction of one organ function.
Far point - distant point; infinity.
Fair-Skinned Individuals skinned individuals.
Far seeing - distance vision.
Fast growing - growing fast.
Fat (1) - fat, fat.
Fat (2) - fat (a).
Fatty acids - fatty acids.
Feature - characteristic aspect.
Feed (R) - nourishing.
Feeder vessels - feeding vessels.
Feeling - feeling, sensitivity, perception.
Fellow eye - adelfo or contralateral eye.
Female - female: female.
Feet - feet.
Fellow eye - eye.
Fiber - Fiber.
Field - field.
Fill (R) - completed.
Find (found-found) - find, find.
Finding - pathological discovery; finding;
Finger - finger.
First degree relative - a first degree relative.
Fit (fitted-fitted) - fit, set (up), conform, adapt, adjust.
Flame - flame brightness.
Flap (1) - segment vascularized skin tissue by a stalk or stem often used in periorbital surgery, pedicle flap.
Flap (2) - involuntary jerky movements, especially of the hands that are best seen when the patient flexes and extends his arms wrists and extends dorsally fingers; known as "flutter liver" due to its frequent occurrence in patients with threatened coma liver, although it can also be observed in other forms of encephalopathies; asterixis.
Flapping - see "flap (2)."
Flare - the result of leakage of protein in aqueous humor through the rupture of the blood-brain barrier and not necessarily indicative of active inflammation. For this reason, the presence of absence of flare associated with cells not indicated for treatment. The term has a close relationship with the Tyndall effect or phenomenon observed in the anterior chamber characterized by the presence of pigments in aqueous humor.
Flare-up - recurrence, relapse, recurrence.
Flashing light - light reflection.
Flat - Flat (a) plan (a).
Flattening - flattening.
Fleeting blindness - amaurosis fugax.
Fleshy - Chubby (a).
Floater - mobile vitreous opacity observed by the patient through a shadow formed on the retina. Usually indicates partial liquefaction of the vitreous or vitreous posterior displacement; may also be a consequence of vitreous hemorrhage, inflammatory exudates or abnormal condensation of vitreous membrane. Floater; scotoma.
Floor - floor, floor.
Floppy - Loose (a), soft, flabby (a).
Flow (1) - flow, fluency, flow, current.
*********** Flow (***** flown) - flow, run net circular.

2008-10-12 08:37:29 by Lapis_Philosophus

New technology prints sheets of light!

This is really cool! this is the type of stuff we need to be investing in, not throwing our money down a black hole of banker greed. this technology can restart our encomony.
NISKAYUNA, New York (AP) -- On a bank of the Mohawk River, a windowless industrial building of corrugated steel hides something that could make floor lamps, bedside lamps, wall sconces and nearly every other household lamp obsolete.
You could even make OLED wallpaper, since the material is flexible, one scientist says

2003-01-24 03:35:25 by vronskii

A text scribbled on a napkin found yesturday in

A trashbin
The train arrives. From the smoke-blue haze of night it slithers in over the rails agleam with the orange streaks of its headlight beam. The train slows down, breaks and stalls with a back jerk and a polyphony of thuds and hisses. The windows are dark. It stands, hisses, and with a jerk and a mounting monotony of metallic clanks slithers on, leaving in its stead wisps of smoke-blue vapor tinged with yellow of rectangular lamps hanging from above, between cement balusters that run the length of the platform where a man is left standing, partly concealed behind a baluster, largely visible in the yellow light of a lamp above, all veiled in dissipating wisps of woolly vapor stained yellow

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Home (Poundex)
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  • Constructed in solid wood with sleek black finish; raised lip on shelves to prevent items from slipping off back or sides
  • Shelf depths from top to bottom: 6-1/2 inches, 8-1/2 inches, 10-1/2 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches
  • Easy home assembly with hardware and accessories included; available also in cappuccino finish
  • Assembled, measures 25 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 72 inches high

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