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Architecture Tourist: Meet some of Atlanta s modern archtiects

A space decorated with contemporary style and modern air. With a spectacular view of the river, this triplex in the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, is noted for the integration and sophistication of its spaces.

Ladder with steps the Lapacho, leather armchairs and floating floor.

The renovation and decoration of this triplex of 80 m2 covered terrace and 20m2 studio was in charge of Odes, composed of architects and Antonia Roberta Lavarello Astengo.

Its owner, a man who lives abroad and enjoys getting friends when in the country, wanted, plus a distribution that offered privacy, decor modern character, it was clear enough to highlight the objects collected to Throughout their travels.

From bright colors and the right amount of detail greater contrast 'most materials such as wood and leather' environments were achieved warmth.
White armchair, suede cushions circles.

Bicebolla Saarinen table lamp.

Given these needs, the reform of the department-three floors linked by a single ladder included building a second room on the floor where the terrace, for a possible guest. Also, expanding the master bedroom to join two guys and create a great atmosphere with desk and sitting area.

Study design furniture Odes of MDF, double sink, taps and Brazilian black granite.
Lump venecitas coated with red, brings a strong touch of color.

Located on the 31st floor with excellent orientation towards the river, you could not miss the potential of his sight: as the architect Lavarello, reform of all the woodwork was the crowning achievement, since they added that allowed fully open guides the doors-sliding windows.

The decoration, sober, and from warm materials, is known for maximum integration and continuity of spaces and styles.

Red box Poliscopía, Alejandra Padilla

To shut off the large light rail roller blinds chose Black Out White
Round table with chairs upholstered with black eco-leather.
Fat Bed with leather head and wall lamps, tables, lamps Bicebolla.
White eco-leather chair and lamp, Alejandra Padilla box

Marble table and chair Mademoiselle Missoni Cartagena (Manifesto).

A cowhide integrated whole atmosphere.
Ceramics Lounge Soho line, sink with mixer Ferrum Elea Rock, viraró countertops.

On the ground floor, took advantage of a closet space to put together a handy utility which is simply clicked to close its doors metal

The Uttermost Co. Uttermost 28841 Andra Floor Lamp, Golden Bronze Metal
Home Improvement (The Uttermost Co.)
  • Original design
  • High quality
  • Hand finished
2006-02-24 18:47:35 by lorinscott

Depending on your decor style....

You might be able to run some cool track lighting on your ceiling....that would work with eclectic or modern style. If your style is more traditional, try more lamps on tables, or a floor lamp or two. If space is a problem, sconces or wall-mounted fixtures work don't have to hard-wire them, just make sure you get a metal cord cover. Try GE Reveal bulbs in the lamps.

2007-01-31 20:19:09 by index

Combo living room/library

Long rooms do well divided into separate areas for activities. Many living rooms accommodate a living/dining room. Sounds like you probably have your dining area elsewhere though.
I would suggest you create a seating/conversation area in one half of the living room, with the fireplace or a nice view as the focal point if possible. In the other half of the room, the half with the built-in shelves, create a library or study. Put a nice desk in the middle with visitors' chairs for a study. Or for a library, do it old style with a large reading table with reading lamps and side chairs

2010-03-09 14:06:20 by igloo2

Maybe some artsy-fartsy folks can suggest....?

OK, here's my deal....
I'm a real nature lover. My apartment is somewhat minimalist...clean lines...clear colors...somewhat modern in style.
I love having plants in my apartment, but problem is...I have a VERY low light apartment. So most plants die. That said, I have particularly liked when I had TREE plants in my apartment. They are great for filling in 'air space'...for giving some height to your everything is not at the same level. Tree plants add a nice 'architectural' flair to the space.
But I'm tired of my tree plants dying on me

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