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Daylight, creative shapes lighting, jumping your mood. Night, lights make your heart calm down, giving a warm sense of security. Becoming increasingly creative lighting design, is quietly changing our lives, our lives grow aesthetics nutrients, whether it is retro, modern, mix and match, classical, many styles of space, you have to do only one thing, That is good to pick up on a light, feel it brings beauty, humor, fun, creative, so rigid atmosphere of life so different from this.

Cristal Crystal

18 or 19 century antique crystal lamps, solid bronze skeleton, mostly natural ingredients crystal is hand-cut crystal carved old, antique crystal lamps are unique and market synthetic high refractive index and high lead content computerized cutting volume production Crystal Light, of course, the value of its collection is very different.

Location: Italy

Brand: LISA

Candel candles

This is a candle, or a lamp? The answer is both! Rechargeable candle lights, charging is completed, ready to be placed in every corner of life, let the warm candle fill your heart!

Origin: Spain

Brand: LA CREU

Ciocca ribbons

By top Italian Murano glass traditional crafts to create, to shape the exquisite handmade classical line shape, because of the material and color while adding a modern atmosphere, like a ribbon-like gorgeous soft lines, light and shadow between the ribbons circulation, bursting out with a charming style.

Brand: de Majo

Designer: Francesco Dei Rossi

Surf Surfing

On Taiwan's northeast coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, waves and sky waves overlap between the wave washed over and over again physically and mentally. Designers Huangzhao Kai leaves the flow lines from the exterior styling of the original in the relentless tide, both sides and bottom trim avoid staring directly into the light source, the light like a wave-like slit in the outflow from the leaves to release your tension life.

Place of Origin: China


Pro. secco Bubble

Like lightweight bubbles floating in the air, in a haphazard way irregular extends outward in extreme thin light refraction glass shade, showing amazing sense of fantasy.

Brand: de Majo

Designer: Oriano Favaretto

Castle Painter fortress

Picked up a brush, add more color to life. Extended Castle series, calm and reserved parabolic shape, height show light performance. Color changing shade, in a different space can show a stylish visual feast for your living space to create a multi-level style and surprises. You also space painter, painting your mind out of the fortress.


Place of Origin: CHINA

Designer: Chenzhao Cheng

Taaac alone show

Floor lamp, at the bottom with embossed white metal, glossy special plastic structure lighthouse, you can also use leather covering. Can rotate 360 ​​degrees, there are remote control, lights have the above with the following two. Adjustable segments. A single show of art, aesthetic contrast space atmosphere also practical.

Brand: Penta

Designer: Umberto Asnago 2009

Aroun dawn

Aroun in Thailand means "dawn." Its very striking appearance shape to an extremely unusual creativity, especially in a very modern interior space is very bright. White opal or black cotton shade lamp synthetic material, opal, pvc (translucent) and three outlet. Steel structure painted in white and transparent feet, white or black cables and foot switch.

Wantech International Corp. OK-5126f 62-Inch Rosie Crystal Floor Lamp Deer Antler Inspired
Home Improvement (Wantech International Corp.)
  • Ul-listed
  • Max: 40-watt light bulb
  • On/off switch
  • 18-Inch L x 18-Inch W x 62-Inch H
2005-10-25 19:40:34 by wrknoutalot


My mother collects miniatures;
tiny tea sets,
complete with cups
and saucers smaller than finger nails,
pocket-sized apples, pears and bananas
made of crystal or colored glass
with a wicker basket to hold them,
entire model neighborhoods,
hand painted houses,
a post office, and general store-
all lined up on book shelves
with old fashioned street lamps
beside porcelain people,
ice-skating, each with one foot in mid-air.
She spends hours rearranging;
moving cups around on their tray
switching the white house
for the light blue one
with the navy shutters,
wiping every crevice
of her little world
with a dust cloth,
then replacing each piece
just so along the shelf

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Ore International ORE International 62.5" Satin Nickel Glass Floor Lamp
Lighting (Ore International)
  • Linen Drum Shade
  • Clear Glass balls
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • Features Crystal Accents
  • Requires 60-Watt Bulb (Not Included)
Universal Lighting and Decor Canora Chrome and Crystal Floor Lamp
Lighting (Universal Lighting and Decor)
  • Chrome and crystal finish.
  • Round black stretched fabric shade.
  • Takes one 150 watt 3-way bulb (not included).
  • 58 maximum height.
  • 17 wide shade.

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